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The Risks of Injuries Due to Operator Error on an Oil Rig

The Risks of Injuries Due to Operator Error on an Oil Rig

By Trainor Law Firm, LLC |

Louisiana’s oil industry is a vital component of the state’s economy, with a significant presence in offshore drilling. The Gulf of Mexico is dotted with oil rigs, providing employment for thousands of hardworking individuals. These offshore jobs, while lucrative, come with inherent risks. Roughnecks, drillers, and other offshore workers face daily hazards, from working… Read More »

Electrical Burns Oil Industry

The Risks of Electrical Burns in the Oil and Gas Industry

By Trainor Law Firm, LLC |

In the fast-paced, high-stakes world of the oil and gas industry, safety is paramount. Yet, amidst the myriad of potential hazards, one risk often goes overlooked: electrical burns. These injuries, caused mainly by arc flashes and other electrical accidents, are a silent but pervasive threat on oil rigs and in refineries across the globe…. Read More »

hazardous material exposure

Injuries From Hazardous Material Exposure in The Louisiana Oil Industry

By Trainor Law Firm, LLC |

The extraction and transportation of oil entail significant risks, especially in terms of potential hazardous material exposure. Workers in this industry face numerous challenges and dangers, and injuries resulting from exposure to hazardous materials are not uncommon. A dedicated Covington, LA oilfield injury attorney can help you understand your legal rights and get maximum… Read More »

noise pollution hearing loss oil industry

The Link Between Noise Pollution and Hearing Loss in The Oil Industry

By Trainor Law Firm, LLC |

Working in the oil industry often means exposure to a variety of occupational hazards, one of which is noise pollution. While it is commonly known that oilfield workers face numerous physical injury risks, the long-term effects of noise pollution can be overlooked. If you or someone you love has suffered from hearing damage due… Read More »

oilfield injury lawyers in Louisiana

Understanding The Psychological Impact of Oilfield Injuries

By Trainor Law Firm, LLC |

Oilfields are high-risk work environments, and injuries are unfortunately common in the oil and gas industry. While the physical toll of these injuries is evident, the psychological impact can be equally profound, affecting not only the injured worker but also their families and co-workers. If you or someone you love experienced injuries at an… Read More »

Personal Injury attorney Louisiana

The Importance of Keeping Accurate Records in a Personal Injury Case

By Trainor Law Firm, LLC |

The importance of maintaining proper documentation and medical records in personal injury cases cannot be overstated, as medical history and documentation alone can make or break your chances of receiving rightful compensation. From the moment an accident occurs to the final resolution, maintaining a detailed account of your life, events, medical treatments, financial losses,… Read More »

Workplace injury lawfirm Louisiana

Radiation Hazards and Injuries in Offshore Oil Platforms

By Trainor Law Firm, LLC |

It’s a widely accepted fact that oil and gas production is one of the most hazardous jobs. Oilfield operations expose workers to the risk of severe injuries and fatal accidents. Unfortunately, workers on offshore oil platforms have another thing to worry about – toxic radiation from radioactive products and waste. If you or someone… Read More »

Sleep Deprivation and Oilfield Injuries

The Connection Between Sleep Deprivation and Oilfield Injuries

By Trainor Law Firm, LLC |

Hundreds of oil and gas workers in Louisiana have lost their lives in fatigue-related accidents. This is one of the key causes of worker fatalities in the industry. If you were injured on an oilfield because your employer forced you to work for long hours in arduous conditions or because of the sleep-deprived negligent… Read More »

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