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oilfield injury attorneys in Covington Louisiana

The Hazards of Confined Space Entry for Oil and Gas Workers

By Trainor Law Firm, LLC |

Confined spaces in oil and gas fields increase the injury and fatality risk of workers from explosions, fires, asphyxiation, drowning, and loss of consciousness. The work area is often small and restrictive in an oilfield, such as the inside of tanks or pipes. The oil and gas companies have a legal duty to provide… Read More »

equipment failure on oil field

Oilfield Accidents Caused by Equipment Failures

By Trainor Law Firm, LLC |

Oilfield and oil rig workers handle high-speed equipment and heavy machinery on a daily basis. This increases the potential for serious on-site accidents, which may result in catastrophic injuries and even death. Negligent employer practices, such as defective equipment failure, inadequate safety regulations, lack of safety gear, absence of warning systems, and poor employee… Read More »

accident reconstruction

The Importance of an Accident Reconstruction Specialist in Your Case

By Trainor Law Firm, LLC |

Seemingly minor details related to your accident can make or break your case when you are claiming compensation for a motor vehicle accident injury. Accident reconstruction experts can help clear things when there is inadequate evidence, ambiguities in statements, and parties pointing fingers at each other, among other things. With help from a skilled… Read More »

pre-existing conditions

Pre-Existing Conditions: You’re Still Entitled to Fair Compensation After an Oilfield Injury

By Trainor Law Firm, LLC |

Working in an oilfield is never without risks. Accidents are all too common even when the workers practice all the necessary safety protocols. In many cases, pre-existing medical conditions can also get aggravated or enhanced if you were involved in an oilfield accident. The injury may leave you with more treatments, medical bills, loss… Read More »

deadly gasses in oil field

The Top 5 Deadly Gases in The Oil and Gas Industry

By Trainor Law Firm, LLC |

Anyone who has worked in the oil and gas industry knows the dangers associated with the field. Unpredictable weather, complex industrial equipment, and harsh working conditions only add to the overall problems. What most oil and gas workers don’t realize is that certain types of fumes and gases can prove to be dangerous too…. Read More »

crushed in oil field

Common Causes of Crush Injuries In The Oil Fields

By Trainor Law Firm, LLC |

Crush injuries are more common than you would believe. This is partly because oil field workers routinely operative heavy equipment and machinery. Proper training and adequate safety measures can help in preventing such accidents. Unfortunately, employers and large corporations ignore conducting adequate inspections or scheduling necessary maintenance. In a bid to make a greater… Read More »

black box in car accident

Can Your Vehicle’s “Black Box” Help with Your Auto Accident Claim?

By Trainor Law Firm, LLC |

Investigators often rely on a black box for reconstructing the accident scene when a plane crashes. They do this for identifying the actual cause of the crash. But did you know that most modern automobiles have a black box as well? This can be used for assessing what happened during a car accident and… Read More »

oil rig explosion

The Dangers of Rig Explosions in The Oil Industry

By Trainor Law Firm, LLC |

The Gulf of Mexico is home to thousands of active platforms for oil and gas, along with a wide range of rigs, pipelines, and supply ships. This infrastructure is vital to the region’s thriving energy industry, particularly in Louisiana. However, there are severe occupational hazards for oil rig workers, both in national and international… Read More »

underwater welding

The Dangers of Underwater Welding in The Oil Industry

By Trainor Law Firm, LLC |

Underwater welding or hyperbaric welding is carried out for the maintenance of partially or fully submerged marine infrastructures. The structures that an offshore underwater welder works on include large ships, underwater habitats, oil rigs, pipelines, and nuclear power centers. The basic welding equipment and techniques for welding on dry land and welding underwater are… Read More »

hand and finger injury in oil industry

Hand And Finger Injury Risks in the Oil Industry

By Trainor Law Firm, LLC |

Oil and gas industry jobs are among the riskiest and most dangerous in the world. Apart from the usual fire and explosion hazards, injuries to hands and fingers lead the recordable incident rates in the oil and gas industry, accounting for almost a quarter of total lost-time incidents. The considerable share of manual work… Read More »

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