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black box in car accident

Can Your Vehicle’s “Black Box” Help with Your Auto Accident Claim?

By Trainor Law Firm, LLC |

Investigators often rely on a black box for reconstructing the accident scene when a plane crashes. They do this for identifying the actual cause of the crash. But did you know that most modern automobiles have a black box as well? This can be used for assessing what happened during a car crash and… Read More »

oil rig explosion

The Dangers of Rig Explosions in The Oil Industry

By Trainor Law Firm, LLC |

The Gulf of Mexico is home to thousands of active platforms for oil and gas, along with a wide range of rigs, pipelines, and supply ships. This infrastructure is vital to the region’s thriving energy industry, particularly in Louisiana. However, oil rig workers, both in national and international waters, also face severe occupational hazards…. Read More »

underwater welding

The Dangers of Underwater Welding in The Oil Industry

By Trainor Law Firm, LLC |

Underwater welding or hyperbaric welding is carried out for the maintenance of partially or fully submerged marine infrastructures. The structures that an offshore underwater welder works on include large ships, underwater habitats, oil rigs, pipelines, and nuclear power centers. The basic welding equipment and techniques for welding on dry land and welding underwater are… Read More »

hand and finger injury in oil industry

Hand And Finger Injury Risks in the Oil Industry

By Trainor Law Firm, LLC |

Oil and gas industry jobs are among the riskiest and most dangerous in the world. Apart from the usual fire and explosion hazards, injuries to hands and fingers lead the recordable incident rates in the oil and gas industry, accounting for almost a quarter of total lost-time incidents. The considerable share of manual work… Read More »

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