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Covington, LA Wrongful Death Lawyers

wrongful death attorneys in LouisianaUnlike a typical claim of personal injury, a wrongful death case in Covington, LA rests on the testimony of family members and others who knew the victim well. Because the deceased is not available to testify during court proceedings, building a case can be difficult. It takes a skilled legal team and various forms of evidence to build a convincing case against the at-fault parties.

At Trainor Law Firm, we understand that financial compensation can never be adequate for the loss of loved one, but it is an essential step in building comfort and moving forward with your life. With years of experience in representing families in wrongful death claims in Covington, LA, we are prepared to help you understand your rights under the law and fight for maximum damages on your behalf.

We recognize you’ve endured enough loss and grief already. Our legal team will assist with everything from filing a claim to negotiating a fair settlement or taking your case to trial if necessary. To start the recovery process, contact our Louisiana wrongful death lawyers today.

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim in Covington?

In Louisiana, the law allows those who have suffered the loss of loved one due to another’s negligence to file a claim for compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit. To qualify for a wrongful death claim, the following criteria must be met:

  • If you are the surviving spouse, child, or parent of the deceased.
  • If you are entitled to an intestate share of your deceased spouse’s or parent’s unused property.

Under state laws, all adopted children deserve to be taken care of should something happen to the adoptive parent. If someone dies, their benefits are granted to both family members by blood and those who are adopted.

How Our Wrongful Death Lawyers Can Help You Build a Strong Case?

The Covington wrongful death attorneys at Trainor Law Firm work with families across the state who experience significant losses. Our legal team combines experienced legal counsel with compassion and dedication to pursue justice on their behalf. We will thoroughly investigate your loved one’s fatal accident, carefully examining the facts and interviewing witnesses to prove who acted negligently.  

In addition to establishing liability and calculating your damages, our attorneys have a proven track record in obtaining the highest overall settlements and verdicts. Let our competent team of Covington personal injury lawyers help you receive the compensation you deserve. We will:

  • Handle all paperwork for your case, explain your rights to you, and keep you up to date on all case developments.
  • Meet with you regularly to discuss development in your case and obtain your input about getting the best possible outcome for your case.
  • Ensure that all deadlines are met, including Louisiana’s statute of limitations. Communicate with legal representatives, insurance companies and others involved in your case.
  • Negotiate settlements or present your case at trial if negotiations are not possible.

Types of Compensation in a Wrongful Death Claim

We understand the tragedy surrounding your loss, and we will work hard to ensure that you receive just compensation for your economic losses. Covington, LA wrongful death claims can help you recover tangible costs related to your loved one’s death. These may include:

  • Funeral and burial Costs
  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of wages and earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering experienced by the surviving family members

Non-economic damages are those that cannot be shown with hard arithmetical figures. These are difficult to quantify and include things such as grief and suffering endured by the deceased individual, loss of companionship, guidance, care, and emotional support to the bereaved family members and emotional loss or psychological trauma.

Such damages are difficult to put a dollar on as they don’t have any tangibles to support. Our wrongful death lawyers can help you navigate through these complexities, explaining how your loss will translate into compensation for the remaining members of your family. If no surviving family members are available or can bring a wrongful death case in court, the executor or personal representative of the deceased individual’s estate can do so.

Is there a Cap on Wrongful Death Damages in Covington, LA?

There is no specific rule in Louisiana on the maximum amount that may be awarded in a wrongful death lawsuit. The law, however, does put a $500,000 cap on medical malpractice cases as well as cases against federal agencies.

If you’re interested in exploring the possibility of a lawsuit, we recommend talking to our wrongful death attorneys at Trainor Law Firm. The law in Louisiana gives survivors just one year to file suit for wrongful death, which is one of the most stringent statutes of limitations for wrongful death actions in the country.

How Long does it Take to Settle a Wrongful Death Case?

Wrongful death cases differ from injury cases in both the nature of the case and the timeline before trial. Covington, LA wrongful death cases can be resolved within a reasonable time period. Many of these cases settle before or during a trial. However, a settlement or trial is often challenging due to the purely adversarial nature of our system.

Therefore, it is essential to remember that every case rests on its own merits and cannot be generalized. But that said, lawyers have a proven track record of successful client representation in wrongful death cases. We will maximize all legal options to ensure that you get the answers and accountability that you need.

What if My Loved One was Partially at Fault?

A wrongful death case in Louisiana could sometimes be decided based on comparative negligence, as outlined by the state’s laws. That means that if your loved one is found partially at fault for their death, you’ll get a reduced settlement from the lawsuit.

Even if your loved one was partially to blame for their death, you still might be able to pursue proportionate compensation. The compensation amount you receive from the claim is usually split according to each party’s percentage of fault. For example, if the negligent party is found 80% at fault and your loved one 20%, then you would receive 80% of the total settlement.

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Anyone who has lost a family member in a fatal accident knows the terrible pain and anguish it can cause. If your loved one has been killed in a fatal accident, there is much work ahead for you to absorb the loss and move on. Our Covington, LA, wrongful death lawyers are here to help you obtain the maximum compensation you are entitled to.

With our legal skills, resources and extensive experience, Trainor Law Firm will help ensure that you receive your rightful damages. If you are ready to proceed or want to learn more about your case, contact us at 985-900-2250 or fill out the online form for an initial free consultation.

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