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Common Causes of Crush Injuries In The Oil Fields

crushed in oil field

Crush injuries are more common than you would believe. This is partly because oil field workers routinely operative heavy equipment and machinery. Proper training and adequate safety measures can help in preventing such accidents. Unfortunately, employers and large corporations ignore conducting adequate inspections or scheduling necessary maintenance. In a bid to make a greater return in profit they fail to provide required safety training to employees.

A crush injury may be the result of being pinned or squeezed between two objects. It may occur by being hit by something heavy. A majority of crush injuries are the result of a crane or heavy machinery accident. The force and pressure of these kinds of machines can lead to the bones being crushed. Smashed bones are more difficult for healthcare providers to repair as compared to clean fractures or breaks.

Broken or smashed bones are one of the most common injuries in crushing accidents. These generally occur when a crane or a large piece of machinery falls and lands on the oil field worker. Crushing accidents result in excruciating injuries, which can cause compartment syndrome. This may require the eventual amputation of a limb, hand, or finger.

Common Injuries in Louisiana Crushing Accidents

Crush injuries may result in a number of complications depending on the manner and situation in which they occurred. These are a few of the more prominent injuries:

  • Hyperkalemia – This is a condition in which there are excessive levels of potassium in the blood. The condition can be fatal in some cases.
  • Compartment syndrome – This refers to compromised tissue functionality and blood circulation that may require eventual amputation.
  • Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) – DIC is inappropriate coagulation activation that may result in life-threatening thrombosis.
  • Infections
  • Toxic shock
  • Loss of limb
  • Death

Medical treatment for crush injuries is highly expensive. The injury may have devastating consequences and force an employee to stay at home for an extended or indefinite period of time. This means that crush victims are unable to work and earn. Certain injuries following a crushing accident may last a lifetime. It may force individuals to lead a lower quality of life since they may no longer be able to perform the same functions.

Crush Injuries Statistics

The American Journal of Industrial Medicine recently published a thorough analysis of crushing accidents. They claim that being crushed or struck by equipment is the second largest cause of death in an oil field. According to another report, such accidents represent 26.4% of fatalities occurring on the oil platform.

In comparison, transportation accidents (the largest cause of death) account for 40.4%. As per a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics 90 workers were struck or crushed by equipment in 2015. In comparison, there were 84 such accidents in 2011, 74 in 2014, 78 in 2013, and 73 in 2012.

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