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The Importance of an Accident Reconstruction Specialist in Your Case

accident reconstruction

Seemingly minor details related to your accident can make or break your case when you are claiming compensation for a motor vehicle accident injury. Accident reconstruction experts can help clear things when there is inadequate evidence, ambiguities in statements, and parties pointing fingers at each other, among other things.

With help from a skilled car accident attorney, you can hire the services of an accident reconstruction specialist to maximize your claim. Sometimes the personal injury law firm may have its own in-house investigators specializing in accident reconstruction.

Accident Reconstruction Experts can Help Validate Louisiana Personal Injury Claims

Accident reconstruction experts specialize in the scientific process of investigating, analyzing, and concluding the cause and events of a car accident. They are usually employed by the claimant for obtaining the most favorable settlement in a lawsuit.

Accident reconstruction specialists can provide invaluable testimony and evidence in the following situations:

  • Poor road conditions because of the fault of government entities
  • Ambiguities in different statements given
  • Multiple vehicle accident
  • Lack of eyewitnesses to corroborate statements
  • Severe property damage
  • Incomplete or missing evidence
  • No recollection of the accident details by victims and other parties
  • Damage to the vehicle beyond repair
  • Parties playing at he-said-she-said

Using the Accident Reconstruction Results to Your Advantage

Accident reconstruction results are used for developing recommendations that make vehicles and streets safer besides being used for determining personal injury lawsuits. Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction established national guidelines in 1991 for training accident reconstruction experts.

They borrow principles from math, engineering, and physics for analyzing and reconstructing accidents. They can testify to the collision angles, visibility, speed, and other factors in the accident. They can be retained for investigating and testifying about traffic collisions, boating accidents, train derailments, and construction accidents among others.

Accident Reconstruction Specialists Can Help You Win Your Rightful Damages in a Personal Injury Case

There are several reasons why your car accident attorney will recommend the services of an accident reconstruction specialist for investigating and testifying regarding the personal injury claim. Accident reconstruction experts can:

  • Measure and quantify different factors, such as the speed with scientific precision
  • Sort through and account for conflicting statements provided by different parties
  • Create videos, charts, and other visual aids for helping jurors understand what happened

Results are best when the accident reconstruction expert is retained immediately. Critical evidence can be lost if the accident reconstruction specialist doesn’t begin work as soon as possible following the accident.

It is better to have evidence gathered, secured, studied, and evaluated quickly. Accident reconstruction specialists examine road surfaces, tire marks, dents, airbag control modules, debris, and other pertinent evidence.

Why You Need a Good Accident Reconstruction Specialist on Your Side

The claim adjuster can be presented with a complete record of the personal injury claim. This is from the gathering and retrieval of evidence to the analysis and preservation of the various factors that resulted in the accident. The accident reconstruction specialist often plays a key role in cases with contested liability. They help in building a clear case against the other party.

They also help if the case goes to trial. They use graphs, pictures, and other methods for representing a clear picture of the accident and events leading up to it to the jury.

Having a deep understanding of advanced collision analysis and the field of accident reconstruction contributes to a better grasp of what happened. You can put your mind at ease that you were not the responsible driver for the mishap that caused extensive property damage and injured people.

You can also recover the most amount of money, pay for losses, cover medical treatment, and afford a fuller recovery required for the future.

How is an Accident Reconstructed?


These are a few steps performed during the investigation phase for correctly interpreting the accident scene:

  • Examine all vehicles involved in the crash
  • Visit the scene of the accident
  • Inspect all objects involved in the crash, including buildings, trees, animals, and poles
  • Collect visual evidence, such as traffic videos and photographs
  • Review police reports and statements made by the victim, accused, and eyewitnesses
  • Examine tire marks and other physical evidence
  • Review environmental conditions
  • Inspect the road surface for debris, obstacles, snow, diesel fuel, and black ice
  • Identify possible visibility issues and inspect the positioning of road signs
  • Investigate unaddressed safety recalls
  • Examine safety equipment in the vehicle, including brake lights, headlights, and brakes to determine whether they were working at the time of the crash

Analysis and interpretation

The next step is to analyze the evidence collected and interpret the results. This is generally done by using software simulations and evaluating all possible hypotheses.

  • The analysts will summarize points of impact and vehicle movements, including speed estimates. An Independent estimate of speed can prove to be essential evidence in a personal injury lawsuit.
  • Laws of physics and occupant kinematics is applied to explain occupant ejections and movements
  • Skid marks and witness testimony among other evidence is examined for identifying driver errors, such as failure to yield the right of way or excessive speed that may have contributed to the crash.
  • Diagrams are generated using 3-D animation and aerial photo overlay for creating a collision simulation

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